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Trailer Descriptions:
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Trailer Descriptions Recreational Use Trailers, Utility Trailers, Camper Units Definitions

Cabin or Travel Trailer
A trailer that is permanently equipped with living quarters and used for travel and recreational purposes. Would also include 5th wheels.

Camper Units
A specially constructed unit for living purposes, mounted on and removable from a vehicle.

Miscellaneous Trailer

Used for non-commercial transportation; i.e. horse trailer.

Tent Trailer
A trailer with a collapsible cover, permanently equipped with living quarters and used for travel and recreational purposes.

Utility Trailer
All other trailers such as box trailer, boat trailers, platform trailers used to transport snow vehicles and all terrain vehicles.

House Trailer (Home or Park Trailers):
A large trailer that is fully equipped with living quarters including bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen. A connection to public utilities is generally required for the operation of fixtures and appliances. The towing vehicle must be appropriate for the trailer type.

Horse Trailer

Designed to transport horses. We do not write horse trailers that are used for commercial purposes or that can carry more than 2 horses.

For physical damage premiums the “value” is the Manufacturer’s List Price New plus the cost of additional equipment subsequently installed in the unit. “Manufacturer’s List Price New” means the retail selling price new (including taxes) and equipment permanently attached thereto.


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